Digital artist. Art Director.
Writer and Photographer.

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Projection versus Reality


Who am I ?

I consider my self an unicorn that eat butterflies and farts creative rainbow ideas. The process can be explained through the f(ART) function.


Who I really am

The function of Art works like this: the [i]magination to the power of two (logic and emotions) added to the intuition of [c]reativity. Take the result and multiply it through vigourous [e]nergy and then substract all the [f]ucks given. What is left divide by the joy. humour and wonderment of a child.

It does not work like a charm everytime, but very often, the output will scare even Godzilla. Art and advertising are for, but not made by, normal people. It is a 24/7 lifestyle hybrid: the art of advertising and the advert of art.



I did over 700 advertising campaigns / brandings for FMCG clients and or lifestyle, sports, IT&C: Alpha Bank, Altext, Playboy, Ford, AXN, HBO, Diva Universal, Braun, Cosmote, Orange, Vodafone, Romtelecom, Puma, Wella, Loreal, Vichy, Rowenta, Nissan, Minicooper, Rexona, AXE, Canon, Nikon, Rompetrol, Hyundai, Mercedes, KFC, Mega-Image, Nestle, Nivea, Johnnie Walker, Germanos, Lexus, Love plus, Durex, Colgate, Cocolino, Open , Pantene, Pepsi, Coca-Cola etc

Offline and online

Full-designed and supervised 10 events and conferences (creatives, DTP, online promo, copywriting). More than 15 iOS/ Android compatible brand websites. Over 500 off-to-online campaigns declined for the awareness and long term retail of offline worlwide brands. Over 400 brand projects covering various traditional and new media platforms. Over 1500 offline and online advertising projects combined with the invention of more than 10 AdFormats.


I make an average of 3500 mouseclicks/day which stands for 8,500,000 clicks up to now.
The force is strong in my right index finger.

Over 11,500 photos (professional fine art photography / personal works) made and edited added to 33,500 processed AdImagery. 


A word is a a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing. It exists to give sense.

More than 10,000 word-rows converged into poems, USPs and creative ads and an additionally 45,000 CSS and 140,000 HTML lines of code written.

All stats are from 2006 to 2014.
Due to confidentiality agreements all visual, technical and reference data from the portfolio can be shown only in person.

Unicorn Skills and Know-how


Photo Professional Fine Art Photography. Advanced sRGB / CMYK Guru: edit, retouche, sample, optimise and deliver full project.
Texts and Shapes vector illustrations and advanced chromatics for art and adverts.
Audio and Video high quality know-how in recording, processing and multiremux mastering.
Since 2001


Time framing optimising algorithms in repetitive subroutine tasks
B2C translation using semantic and visual analogies for 3 minutes idea keynotes.
Coaching team members in the process, post-tracking efficiency improvements.
Since 2007


Customer segmentation and personalised idea derivations
Social Media awareness from influencers and community feedback
Client relationship and business development 
Since 2009


Cultural analysis for specific usage of symbols in creations.
Role playing the idea by age, gender and nationality.
HTML/CSS  updated UX/UI cross-platform development
UX/UI  mobile OS: apple and android
Semantics for use in flavouring the creation’s image, text, audio and/or video aspects.
Since 2011